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It seems that the green field to the west of the city in nearby Fairwater and also in Lisvane, which is to the north of the city, may now be vulnerable to development. This may be due to the council being pushed to withdraw its blueprint for development in Cardiff. Land for sale may become available in areas which were once protected.A leading city planning consultant, Mr Robin Shepherd of Barton Willmore, belives that Cardiff will have serious economic and social consequences if the land in question is not released. A meeting at Cardiff's City Hall looked at over-ruling the Local Devlopment Plan. One of the Inspectors present, Mr Anthony Thickett, believes that the council cannot meet the growing needs of the city for land and housing without allocating Greenfield land for development. There is not enough brownfield land for sale for development in and around Cardiff. Mr Thickett believes that brownfield sites will not deliver on the amount of affordable housing needed.Mr Shepherd feels that the council needs to develop a new plan, as there is no plan in place at the moment.

This has led to a shortfall of land for sale and of housing. He feels that Councillor's should have accepted officer's advice on releasing a mix of brownfield and Greenfield land, if this advice had been accepted then Cardiff would not have this problem. Local people with homes in Pontprennau, Lisvane and fairwater seriously oppose any developments. However Mr Shepherd argues that unless land is released then communities and families could be separated.

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