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Management of Edinburgh Property For Rent

A number of people rent flat in Edinburgh through letting agents and at the same time also expect them to pass on their demands and requests to the landlord during the entire period of their tenancy. Mostly lettings agent are unwilling to deal with any problems occurring later on between the parties and refuse to mediate between them in the case of any dispute. This is what frustrates the tenant.Main reason of this misunderstanding is that there are two levels of service of a lettings agent for the landlord. Confusion between these two leads to arguments. These two levels are discussed below.Let only service of the letting agentsWhen going for the option of rent flat in Edinburgh with the help of a letting agent, all the dealings of a tenant in relation to the property are with the landlord. The role of the agent is restricted to the extent of advertising the property, finding and vetting a suitable tenant and ensuring proper administration as far as the paperwork of the tenancy agreement is concerned.Full managed service of the landlordFull property management service is for landlords who wish to have as little to do with the property as possible. Obviously they have to pay more for this service.

In such a case the entire dealings between the tenant and the property are handled by the letting agent's company.This kind of service is chosen by landlords who wish to protect and maintain the standard of their property as it was at the beginning of a tenancy. This means keeping a check on all maintenance and running repairs excluding the ones that are the tenant's responsibility. As, at the end of the day there is also an obligation on the tenant to take good care of the property and maintain a standard of cleanliness and the state of repair that is fair and reasonable. It will be unreasonable to expect letting agents to follow them with a brush, do their washing up or iron their clothes.At the same time it is important to mention that the lettings agent will provide professional help in both services for both tenant and landlord with regards to the legal details of agreements, possession, rent, marketing, managing and maintaining the property.The letting agent also has the responsibility to help prepare an inventory of the entire contents of home.

There are a number of landlords who do not live in the area where the property they are renting out is located. If a tenant cannot get hold of the landlord or cannot get them to perform a piece of repair work, for example, in many instances the tenants start badgering the letting agents through which they found the property. Some of the letting agents will do their best to help but at the same time tenants should also remember that the agent has made an agreement with the landlord to carry out a specific service for the landlord, and there is absolutely nothing that bounds him to help out in this sort of situation.


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